Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rochester Cathedral, journey's end

At the Cathedral, the souvenir shop was already closed, but I was in good time for the Epiphany Evensong, and took a seat in the transept as the choir warmed up. Chatted to one of the Vergers – she and her husband had moved over the river to Wickford, but still came regularly to the Cathedral. She was concerned that the trains would not be running, and offered a lift back to Essex. But after the service, peripatetic but very uplifting, I slipped away to the station, where at 16.44 I paid £15.45 for a single to Chelmsford. The stations and halts slipped past with their now familiar names as I sped towards Victoria and a nightmare journey home. But that should be another story.

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Me said...

Dear Michael

I have just enjoyed reading your blog; can identify with you to some extent having just retired myself - fully understand what you mean by a rite of passage; and a pilgrimage seems to be a very appropriate way of doing this. Hope the Canterbury leg goes well.

Best wishes