Friday, January 4, 2008


The town was nice in parts, and, aware of a shorter journey today, I walked around, went into one or two Charity shops – bought Orchard on Fire, by Shena Mackay

Opposite the church, I passed a horse-drawn hearse preparing for a funeral. And a milestone, dating from days when a pedestrian might have needed to know ...

Very few churches are open. Saint Lawrence, Sidcup an exception, though I am aware that the parishioners are really waiting to lock up after cleaning, doing the flowers, praying, or whatever. But they let me take my time – a crib like the ones in Cologne – and as we leave I explain what I am doing.

Very friendly, they see me hesitate outside this Caffe Nero, and recommend it.

I'm having coffee at 11 – an hour ago I was at Eltham Corner – since it is too early for the Sidcup lunch I'd planned.

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