Sunday, January 6, 2008

final thoughts

The first half, at least, of the walk was dispiriting, and would need good company and better planning – accommodation, places to visit – to make it in any sense a pilgrimage. But the last miles over the downs from Cobham to Rochester were wonderful walking, and it is that walk that we shall do again as the prologue to Act Two, Rochester to Canterbury ...

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Stephen Dilley said...

I stumbled upon this by accident from the link posted in the Humprhey Lyttleton group but I thought it was a beautiful piece of writing (with wonderful photographs too)- I love reading about solo walking, as there is something so unique about the freedom of the walker, and I thought this was an uplifting example. Best wishes with Rochester to Canterbury (if that has not taken place already) and the rest of your retirement.

Stephen Dilley